A Little Bit of this…..and that!

Earlier this year as I was meeting with fabric reps they would ask about my Halloween collections – I told each of them I wasn’t going to order much for halloween as I wasn’t confident I would get samples done and did not want to end up with bolts and bolts of Halloween fabric.

And then I would purchase a full line of Halloween fabric from each rep!  What was I thinking!!!

So…..we have lots of fun Halloween fabrics and we have several samples in the shop for you to see.  I am going to showcase them here on the blog as I have a chance!

This one is called Spooky Town and the designer is Cori Dantini from Blend Fabrics, I just love this artist!  We have 3 other lines from her in the shop and 2 more on order…..  once again – what was I thinking????

This was the free pattern on the manufacturer site – cute enough – but we really wanted to showcase these cute cute cute fabrics….


So I used the foundation from the free pattern but then changed out some of the fabrics and changed up the piecing and here is what we have for you…. this quilt is cute and fun to make – the fabric arrived on Monday and we had a quilt top done by Thursday (and I was in Houston on Tuesday!)  Quilted free-hand with my favorite whimsical style of sort of custom!  Kit price is $60 and includes the pattern, all fabrics for the top and binding.


And here are a few close-ups….


After Row by Row ends you will find us ecstatically putting our fall spook on!




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I Miss Blogging!

Good Morning!  I was searching through my blog the other day for something and realized I really miss blogging and sharing (in more depth) what I am up to these days!  SEW – from now on I will be blogging more frequently to let you know what I am working, what we have new in the shop, where I am teaching etc.

First of all – thank you to all that have stopped by the shop since we opened – we are grateful.  In our effort to show our gratitude we have a monthly give-a-way!  July we gave away this quilt!  Fear not – I have a pattern available if you did not win but would still like to have this festive quilt to show your love for the USA!


I also want to share this adorable quilt with you – the fabrics are by Cori Dantini – my new favorite fabric designer!  My granddaughter is part of an acting ensemble and her very first play was “Into the Woods” and she played the granny – so of course I had to buy this fabric collection!  We have this wonderful kit available for you!  Call us for more information!


I have been asked to help Quiltworx complete a quilt for the new technique of the month – Vintage Rose!  The color way is designed by Judel and the fabrics are from Island Batik!

Here is what I have done so far – be sure to “follow” the blog to stay up to date!

You can also keep up to date with our shenanigans on Facebook and Instagram – both under HollyDee Quilts!



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PUP’s and Memphis

Last Friday we arrived in Memphis.  I would be teaching the quilters at Pickin Up the Pieces Quilt Guild on Saturday.  We decided to hit Rendezvous for a few ribs and then head over to Beale street.  (Ribs photos can be found on Facebook and Instagram!)

I will be back in Memphis at the end of September as the featured teacher for this quilt guild.  If you would like more information about this guild or the retreat, please send me a note and I will forward it to their guild!

I think if you click on a photo you will get more information about each photo!  For all the quilts seen from the workshop I have kits available!

I hope you enjoy this sneak peak into the life of a Judy Niemeyer Certified Instructor.  We get to meet so many amazing quilters and along the way make some great friends!



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A Mariner’s Compass!

One of my students made this beautiful Mariner’s Compass; then I was asked to quilt it!  She patiently waited for this quilt to move up the list of quilts to be quilted!  I sent her a couple of sneak peek photos once it was loaded.  But this did not prepare her for what she would receive – upon receipt of the quilt and shams her note to me said simply  “It Came!  It takes my breath away!”  Another happy client!  Her quilt was so stunning to begin with – the choice of classic colors made this an amazing quilt to start with.  She had sent me a pieced back originally.  Then it was determined she would need to send me a different back; I must say I was so excited to use the new backing as I knew the quilting would be stand out!

Without further ado – I will now share some quick photos of Pat’s quilt.  You will be able to see it in all it’s glory in May at the Lakeview Quilters Quilt Show.  I will also be a vendor there!  I hope to see you!  PS – my shop opens the week AFTER the LQG show!


NOTE: I have removed the slideshow and replaced with photos – slideshow was playing inconsistently.

I would appreciate some feedback regarding the slideshow – do you like it?  Or do you prefer individual photos with comments?


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Houston! We have a Rodeo and Quilts!

Texas is BIG and Houston is HUGE!!!  So is the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo!  There are many Go-Texan competitions as part of Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo and on more than one occasion I have been asked to be a participant in the “Quilts” Competition. Even having a quilt I own – take Best of Show Metro along with several other ribbons that year!

So there is a story that goes with this quilt.  I purchased the top at my guild auction in 2003 and it was bidding war to the end.  Luckily some folks sitting near by adversary convinced her I was not going to give up and she finally stopped bidding.  What she did not know, is my final bid was truly my final bid – had she bid one more time this beauty would’ve gone home with her.  I arrived home and tentatively showed my hubby – he wondered out-loud what this had cost him; I don’t think I told him that night!  Fast forward to May 2004, I entered my now finished quilt in the Lakeview Quilters Guild show, out of 3 entries in its category it took 3rd.  I had it appraised that year and I highly recommend you have your special quilts appraised, this one appraised for 4 x my initial purchase of the top.  Some interesting information regarding appraisals – the backing fabric DOES matter.  As part of the quilt I was given a beautiful Jane Sassaman for the back; that added value.  I used to say “it’s just the back” but not anymore.  Also, the number of years you have been quilting, your status in the quilting community and many other little things add to the value of your quilt.  I have considered having this quilt re-appraised because my status in the quilting world has changed and it is probably more valuable now.  Fast forward to 2006, I was asked to allow this quilt to represent the NASA/Clearlake/Friendswood Go-Texan Region and I of course agreed.  Well this quilt, took Best of Show, 3 first places and a judges choice!  Be sure to view the photo of the label I included below – I give these women ALL the credit for any ribbons this quilt has received.  I am just the quilter and the proud owner!



Another block! The background is a Hoffman 1895, color Havana – I have been known to purchase this by the bolt! All the fabric in this quilt are batiks. The patterns for the blocks were from a book by Jane Townswick


A close-up of one of the blocks in Chocolat


This is the second label for this quilt. Prior to shipping it off to Houston for the competition I wanted to update the label to include that it was part of the 2006 HLSR Quilt Competition. This label is significant to me because it reminds me who made each block and/or border. These talented women are members of the Lakeview Quilters Guild and there work is some of the finest I have seen when it comes to appliqué!

For 2016 I was asked to quilt this quilt for the competition.  I do love how these wool appliqué quilts quilt up!  Be sure to find this quilt when you visit the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo this year – be sure to share your photos!  Here are my photos; but they never do the quilt justice because the quilt is not yet trimmed and there is no binding.  The binding always just gives a quilt that polished look!


An overall view of Ronda’s beautiful wool appliqué quilt!


A dragonfly close-up – doesn’t this make you smile?


The border – appliqué and piecing


A basket of sunflowers


Another view of the back – more light this time


And one more of the back – do you need a drool bib yet?

Wishing this quilt and it’s owner best wishes in the quilt competition for Houston 2016!


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Sharing the Love

I have joined a group of bloggers on Facebook – the goal of the group is to inspire each other to set goals for blogging.  I set a goal to post on Monday and Thursday of each week.  Today my post is short and sweet!

I may have missed the boat on this one, I should’ve posted it on Valentine’s day, but I didn’t!  Do you still love me?

This beautiful quilt uses a technique called “reverse appliqué”  It gives a little bit of extra dimension to the piece.  Another term used here is “cutwork appliqué”  Cutwork appliqué reminds me of when we would paper and then make cuts for snowflakes….do you still do this sometimes?  Have you ever done it with fabric?  To add additional dimension I used 2 battings, cotton and then a layer of wool.

I hope you enjoy today’s share – even though it is a few days late!

PS – if you would like to see this quilt in person; it is part of the “Best Little Quilt Show in Texas” Fayette County Fairgrounds –  La Grange, TX.  February 26 & 27, 2016

Have a fabulous day!



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Block Swap Re-Visited

For many years I have been a member of Lakeview Quilters Guild!  My first meeting was in August of 1997, they were talking about a retreat.  Sounded interesting so I signed up and a couple of weeks later I headed to Round Top TX with a new friend on a new adventure.  I was attending a retreat with 65 quilters, most of whom I had never met.  Pat and I were assigned to the 3rd floor but the a/c was not working on that side of the 3rd floor.  There were a couple of beds for us in the other house, the stairs to our second floor were the old fashioned, teeny tiny steep stairs and we both opted to stay in the other building on the 3rd floor with no a/c.  We opened the windows at night and it really was quite pleasant.  We were really lucky because future years with heat hovering in the high 90’s we would’ve been toast trying to sleep with no a/c.

This retreat holds a special place for me – it is always held the weekend after Labor day and the facility is amazing – the friendship we enjoy there is even better!  Over the years I have been able to share this special event with my sister, nieces (from GA and UT), my daughter-in-law and numerous friends.  I love to walk from room to room and house to house just visiting with friends and learning from each of them.  Sometimes I even sew!  It is always very inspiring!

I love to do block swaps and one year (2002 or 2003)  I gathered a group to swap 16 blocks, they had to make 16 beautiful fall blocks AND add sashing with a corner stone on two sides.  The rules changed and while we did make the sashing and corner stone we did not attach them.  We had 1 year to make our blocks and sashing.  We had no deadline for finishing the quilt.  I received a call in 2015, one of the group was so excited, she had finished her quilt and needed it quilted.  She used a technique by Sharyn Craig called Twist N Turn to set her blocks.

“Side Note” – Sharyn Craig was the first speaker I saw at the Lakeview Quilters Guild and her program was the best thing I had ever seen, her quilts were beautiful and she was so funny and inspiring and genuine!  When she came back to our guild several years later I was worried that she would not be as good as I remembered since that had been my first guild meeting ever!  Well, she did not disappoint the second time around, she was even better!

I have not been able to visit my old guild since I 2014 when we moved to the “country”, however, in bringing everything full circle, I will be participate as a vendor at their bi-annual quilt show May 13 & 14.  The women in this guild are the reason I am opening a quilt shop to share my passion with other quilters.  My guild is full of inspirational women that have always shared their gift and passion with me!  Thinking of them makes me smile!

So I guess you want to Cherie’s quilt now?  It is beautiful!

These blocks were amazing, Linda A. made the feathered stars, Karla made the pine-burr blocks.  Several chose beautiful blocks designed by Carol Doak.

Do you do block swaps?  I know so many quilters that don’t because they don’t get back a “perfect” block.  What I get back are memories!  That is why I love doing block swaps!  Perfection can be over-rated!

Go make someone’s day special!  Give them a smile!  It’s free and it will make you feel GREAT!


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