HollyDee Quilts Schedule

6 Responses to HollyDee Quilts Schedule

  1. cathycarnew says:

    Your article about Little Toot is so inspiring. I bought my long arm with my two granddaughters in mind. Now, time is all I need. Can’t wait to retire!!

  2. jann Allison says:

    Calendar does not give specifics ….where can I get more info re classes? How much do you charge for quilting?

    • If you click on the item on the calendar you will get location and some additional information. When I teach at guilds and shops they control the sign up schedule. I probably need to add their websites when applicable in the future. Thank you for the feedback.
      Regarding quilting prices, it depends on the size of your quilt and the style of quilting you want. I primarily do custom work and that runs .04-.06 psi. If you want to send me an email with a photo of the quilt, the type of quilting and size of your quilt I could give you a better quote. hollydeequilts@gmail.com

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  4. Amanda R Gilmore says:

    Hi, the Kingwood Area Quilt Guild would like to schedule you in Spring of 2015. Please contact me when you have time.

    Amanda R Gilmore
    VP Programs/Workshops

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