Winter Solstice – Dad’s Birthday

My dad died when I was only 7 so my memories are short, but sweet.  Through the years I have pieced together some family history and I am honoring my father with a post today.  He would’ve been 109 years old today!  He was 57 when I was born and I was his first born.

A little piece of history on my father – his first wife was the niece of Butch Cassidy and they were married in Butch Cassidy’s fathers home.  They never had children.

Born in Midway, UT to David Edwin Bunnell and Estelle Peters Bunnell, he was the first born of 10 children.  My father was named Ferry E Bunnell, my mom did not know what the E stood for, but I have learned it was for Edwin, after his father.  Where the Ferry came from, I do not know.  I can tell you he went by Larry.

Stories from my mom tell me that on his 16th birthday he went to work in the mines in Park City, UT.  Someday I hope to verify some of this.  He worked odd jobs through out his job and supported our family as a dishwasher at the Denny’s in Elko, NV at one point.  He died on August 4, 1970, just 4 days before my younger sister’s 4th birthday.  She knew even less of our father due to lengthy stays at Shriners Hospital when she was young.

Growing up I knew my Uncle Bill Bunnell and his wife, June.  I also was acquainted with my Aunt June Bunnell Walker when I was young.  Imagine my surprise when I started working on my family history and found there had been many more aunts and uncles out there!   In 2010 I was able to meet my Aunt Hazel and my Aunt Darlene, both have passed now.  My meeting them is a life treasure!  I have also met a few cousins through my research, this is quite fun!  I love that Facebook in particular helps me to keep up with a few Bunnell Family happenings.  I have also found Curtis and Fornia cousins out there as well, but that is story for another day!

Here are a few photos with the simple stories I know.


Bunnell Family Crest. Someday I may learn what each symbol signifies….

2015-12-21 10.43.21

This is a photo of my dad! Precious! Given to me by Bill and June Bunnell!

2015-12-21 10.35.23

My dad! This photo survived the many moves of my childhood.

2015-12-21 10.21.59

My dad and his new sister, Iva. Canada 1911.

2015-12-21 10.43.03

My Aunt Hazel, holding my Aunt June. *Aunt June Bunnell Walker

2015-12-21 10.36.32

My first Christmas; Elko, NV at my mom’s best friends home; Dorothy Chase. I am named after her son Dennis!

2015-12-21 10.37.14

A better photo?

2015-12-21 10.43.35

At my grandfather, David Edwin Bunnell’s funeral. See the little tyke in the upper right corner! That is ME, my dad is holding me and my mom is next to him. Are you in this photo? Or your parents?

2015-12-21 10.44.02

The Bunnell Siblings at the funeral of their father; David Edwin Bunnell. My dad is on the far left – please help identify the other family members and I will update!

2015-12-21 10.43.52

The Bunnell Boys at their fathers funeral! My dad on the far left.


Aunt Hazel 97 years young! She was amazing. She lived in AZ and had been a widow for many many years. She had chosen the particular apartment at her facility because it was close to the swimming pool When we visited in November of 2010 she stated that she was only swimming once a day because it was a little chilly this time of year! Here we are looking at my computer probably photos of my grandkids!


My cousin Yvonne – she is a photographer and takes amazing photos! However she did not take this one! I wish we lived closer because I am sure we could get into mischief together! Her father was my dad’s brother Bert!


Aunt Darlene, who I also met on my whirlwind trip in November 2010. Another treasured photo as she is no longer with us either!


Yvonne rescued our family history when my dad’s aunt Iva passed. Her husband Hank scanned each documented and then produced cd’s for each family that wanted one.


The family line


A Bunnell family home in New Jersey.


The Bunnell Church in Bonneuil, France.

May you blessed this Christmas season and surrounded by those that bring you joy!


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    What a wonderful story of ur family Dee!! The memories will last forever by telling each generation.

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