Oldies but Goodies

Running late this morning but wanted to share a quick post with you.  I live about 25 miles north of Galveston Island.  Galveston is steeped in history, such as raising the city 3′ after Hurricane Isaac which hit the island September 8, 1900.  A good read regarding this storm is “Isaacs Storm” by Eric Lawson.  A more recent storm is Hurricane Ike which came ashore 109 years + 1 day after Isaac, which destroyed many of the beautiful oak trees, these have become yard art.  These photos are from November 2010.

Members of the Island Quilters Guild decided to the honor the churches on the island, the first quilt was auctioned for a local fundraiser.  One of the Dr.’s at UTMB had not been able to attend the event and really wanted the quilt, so another member took it upon herself to duplicate the quilt and honor the Dr. with it.  I was chosen to quilt this 2nd quilt.  I wish I knew more of the facts about the quilt and the churches.  I do know that these churches are beautiful and have stood the test of time.  This quilt was completed in 2005.

An overall of the quilt

An overall of the quilt



Another close-up

Another close-up

The back of the quilt

The back of the quilt

Galveston is a great place to visit!  On your next visit to Houston I hope you will take some time to visit the island.  My favorite place to eat?  The Mosquito Cafe!


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I am a wife, mom, grandma and quilter. I also enjoy gardening and dabble in genealogy. And I love Pinterest!
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