A Tisket A Tasket – It’s a Wedding Basket

One of my passions is quilting.  I am fortunate enough to also be a longarm quilter having the opportunity to collaborate with quilters all over the country to help them finish their works of love.

The quilt I am sharing with you today is made by a friend of mine, who will be giving this to her granddaughter as a wedding shower gift.  My friend is the mother of 5 and grandmother of 23 I believe.  This is the first grandchild to get married so it is a very exciting time.  My friend made these baskets a while back and then put them away, when her granddaughter made the big announcement my friend knew this would be the quilt to celebrate this occasion.


Before the QuiltingIMG_0192

After Quilting





The large baskets are 9″ and the small baskets are 3″

The 9 patch blocks that include the 3” baskets took approximately 18 minutes to quilt, there are 20 of these 9 patch blocks.  I used brown thread in the border and a creamy white in the blocks, except for the feathered ovals in the large baskets, there a used a mustard gold thread.  I was thrilled to be asked to quilt this lovely quilt for my friend.  I think we made a good team on this one.

The back is a almost as pretty as the front.

IMG_0199 IMG_0197

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